Allin vs. Gunn, Cargill vs. Velvet, more!

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AEW Rampage Spoilers for November 19th, 2021: AEW has brought a live show to TNT this week and dynamite is going to be taking place afterward, *this is a disclaimer for the people who are not interested in spoilers, this article is going to be containing some spoilers*, AEW has aired a big episode of Dynamite this week and they have announced three big matches for Rampage. Fans are going to be there and they are going to have quite a treat this Friday but the matches have taken place in Virginia after Dynamite before the show started, Tony Khan came out in order to hype up the crowd which already sat through the dark tapings and Dynamite. Follow More Update On

AEW Rampage Spoilers for November 19

It reportedly worked off and the fans were pumped for TK, there are some people in the crowd who left early but it has been stated that about 80% of the crowd stayed there.

Billy Gunn vs Darby Allin

the crowd seem to be very much behind Darby Allin, in the end, the winner was Darby Allin who won the match, this didn’t come as a huge surprise because he needed this win after Full Gear.

Jade Cargill Vs Red Velvet

The crowd seem to be behind Jade Cargill, this match was a semi-final in the TBS championship tournament, and in the end, the winner was Cargill.

Adam Cole & Bobby Fish Vs Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy

This match is the one which kept the crowd off their seats, it was the perfect match when it comes to the main event, it seems like the partnership of Cole and Fish’s in the AEW did not go to have the best start, they lost at the time against the Jurrasic Express in the main event of the night.

We will be posting more updates on the story in the coming days and weeks if there are going to be any kind of developments in the story, we are going to be on our toes to provide you with further details as soon as something comes under our radar. It seems like AEW is on the rise and people are loving the events to the fullest.

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