Anupamaa 2 August 2021, Written Update: Because of this, Pakhi got angry on Kinjal-Nandini


02 August 2021, Anupamaa Updated in writing: Happiness could not end with Vanraj and Anupama in Star Plus’s TV series Anupama (Rupali Ganguly). Both the cafe and the dancing academy were closed for many days due to difficulties. Babuji has been delinquent in paying taxes for years and will be fined 20 lakh rupees as a result.

There is a lot of commotion in the Shah household about a sum of Rs 20 lakh. Anupama and Vanraj are offered money by Rakhi Dave, but Vanraj refuses to accept it. Kavya becomes angry by this and tells Bapuji the truth. The next episode is going to be really fascinating.

Following this controversy, Kavya will be shown going to the log drive in future episodes. Pakhi will be unable to rehearse her dance as a result of this. Pakhi refuses to listen to Anupama when he instructs her to teach dancing. Pakhi sarcastically declares that if she loses this dancing competition, it would be entirely due to your fault.

Pakhi treats Anupama badly and tells her a lot of falsehoods. Kinjal attempts to stop him, but she is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening Nandini offers Pakhi assistance, but Pakhi refers to both of them as Anupama’s chamcha. Samar and Paritosh are devastated by all of this.

Kavya told the entire Shah family in the last episode that they would have to spend 20 lakh rupees to run the café and dancing class. Hearing this, the entire family is taken aback. Kavya speaks a lot about Bapuji not paying taxes. Rakhi Dave steps forward to assist them, humiliating Vanraj and Anupama in the process.

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