Bhojpuri version of Hina Khan’s song ‘Baarish Ban Jaana’ released in 2021


Due to his newest songs, Bhojpuri sensation Pawan Singh is continuously in the news. His flicks and songs are highly awaited by fans. ‘Baarish Ban Jaana,’ a new song by Pawan Singh, is now being debated. This is a Bhojpuri rendition of Hina Khan’s hit song “Baarish Ban Jaana,” which was just published.

Payal Dev and Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh sing the Bhojpuri version. As soon as this song was published, it became quite popular. This song is also on YouTube’s most popular list. This song is performed in Hindi by Payal Dev and Bhojpuri by Pawan Singh. Fans’ hearts are being stolen by the beauty of both singers’ voices. Let us inform you that Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh were recently photographed together.

Hina Khan recently shared a video on Instagram in which she described how they were tortured by freezing cold rain and zero temperatures while filming this song, and how wonderful this woman crafted it ‘Rain Ban Jana.’ Although it appears to be relaxed and romantic, there is a lot of hard work behind it. In the footage, TV star Shaheer Sheikh is seen with Hina. Both are wrapped in blankets and towels, and their condition is deteriorating as a result of the cold. The actress described what occurred to her while filming in the subzero temperatures.

Pawan Singh’s album ‘Lollipop Lagelu,’ which was published in 2008, was a big success. Aside from that, the song ‘Sania Mirza Cut Nathuniya’ gained a lot of popularity. Pawan Singh’s personal life continues to make news. Pawan Singh’s music videos are constantly being released, and his fans have lavished praise on them.

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