Bigg Boss OTT 15 is going to be very bold and controversial in 2021


Bigg Boss OTT will premiere on OTT platform Voot on August 8th. Karan Johar, the producer, and filmmaker will star as a presenter in the OTT Big Boss, which will air from August 8 to September 18. The motto for this season of Bigg Boss is “Over the Top,” which indicates that a lot will happen in OTT Bigg Boss. Which will be a stark contrast to Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss. Let’s have a look at what makes OTT Big Boss unique…

Vivek Mishra, a former Bigg Boss competitor, recently stated that he has received an offer for OTT Bigg Boss. The producers wanted him to practice naked yoga on the show, but he declined. Vivek Mishra’s comment demonstrates how daring and controversial the OTT Bigg Boss would be.

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss has a one-hour broadcast. Competitors frequently express their dissatisfaction. Her crucial sequences were deleted on the editing table, potentially changing her image in the program, but OTT Bigg Boss participants will not be able to protest about this because OTT Bigg Boss will run 24 hours on Voot. That happened for seven days in a row.

Who will be the winner of this six-week OTT Big Boss competition? In Salman Khan’s Big Boss, she will have a role. There is even a discussion of having 15 to 16 participants on OTT Big Boss. It would be interesting to watch how OTT Bigg Boss chooses its champion among 15 candidates in six weeks under such a circumstance. It’s worth noting that the OTT Bigg Boss set was also constructed in Filmcity. For the past several seasons, the set of Salman Khan’s Big Boss has also been built there.

The show’s theme, according to those involved with the production, will be Stay Connected. The 16 candidates will be split into two groups of two. Two persons will be treated as if they were one. These two will complete every assignment together, and the programme will result in not one, but two evictions.

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