Brooklinn Khoury Undergoes $400k Plastic Face Surgery Shared Pictures on Instagram

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PHOTOS: Brooklinn Khoury Undergoes $400k Plastic Face Surgery Shared Pictures on Instagram: Brooklin Khoury’s name is circulating all over the internet after she released a video of her on her youtube channel. After reading it you are also wondering what is inside the video that this video of her is scattering on the social media platforms. You guys are at the right place as in the article below we will be going to update you about the video of her. She was attacked by her pet dog “Pit Bull” in which she got an injury to her lips and nose too. So now she revealed her condition in the video. Let’s know what is inside a video. Follow More Update On

Brooklinn Khoury Plastic Face Surgery Pictures Instagram

She is a 22-year-old Youtuber who has been shared a video of her in which shd shared that he got a surgeon for repairing her nose and lips which were got injured by her pet. And she found a surgeon after a year. She said that to get the right and the perfect doctor she spent a year and finally got the one. So the procedure of the surgery is the skin from her arm is going to be used to her nose and lip job. So her surgery has been done and now she is facing some of the issues due to this. It is getting difficult to move her mouth and there is swelling on her face.

Here’s what she stated, “I’m going through mixed feelings about the surgery and also excited to get surgery as she is going to look perfect again after this. I’m also happy that I actually found a doctor now. Well, the saddening part is I have to stop my life as the healing process will going to take a long time.”

But after this attack, her life has been changed completely as she used to fall in love with herself and she also went through a tough time to accept her the way she is. But, finally, she realizes that she is still the best and beautiful. Well, society sets beauty standards that aren’t acceptable for me, and all I realized is that beauty is not what we see it is what kind of person we are from inside.

At last, this incident was taught her to be love herself and accept the way she is as she is still the same person from inside who is beautiful, strong, and attractive.

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