[Updated] Hot Charmsukh Web Series Cast Actress Name List & More (2023)

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Ullu’s Charmsukh Web Series is one of the most popular programs on the site. The makers of Charmsukh often update new episodes on their platform with unique and fascinating stories. On Ullu, there are more than 30 episodes of Charmsukh accessible. The program has a large cast of well-known actors who are always in demand. Charmsukh’s series include Highway, Mom, and Daughter, Behrupiya, Palang Tod, and Chawl House.

Release date22 Nov 2019
No. of Seasons01
No. of Episodes34
Distributed byULLU

All Seasons, Episodes, and Cast Information for the Charmsukh Web Series: Ullu is one of India’s most popular OTT platforms right now. Fans are impressed by the adultCharmsukh Web Series concept. They stay for a long time because of the crisp and brief tales. There was a point in Indian society when obscene web programs like Charmsukh were banned. Platforms like Ullu, on the other hand, are normal and provide us with something distinct from the ordinary.

Charmsukh Ullu web series Cast Name :

  • Rajsi Verma.
  • Mahi Kaur
  • Jinnie jazz
  • Sneha paul
  • Mokshita Raghav
  • Pallavi Mukherjee
  • Shafaq Naaz
  • Simran khan
  • Mishti Basu
  • Nikhita Chopra
  • Priya Mishra
  • Khushi Mukherjee
  • Hiral Radadiya
  • Rinku Ghosh
  • Shiny Dixit

Charmsukh Ullu Web Series Full Details

Among Ullu fans, Charmsukh is a popular online serial. The Charmsukh online series’ fan following is growing by the day. The series’ popularity is at an all-time high right now. The actresses in this series are quite new and youthful, which is worth noting. As a result, their information is not readily available on many websites. That is why we have come to assist you.

With several languages and daring material, the Ullu web series has gained in popularity as the most popular OTT platform for Indian web series. Ullu has become a highly popular Ott Platform due to the daring web series it delivers. On the Ullu Ott Platform, you may also discover various sorts of material.

charmsukh ullu Web Series All Episodes List

1. Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein 3

Shreya Tyagi Wiki Biography, Web Series, Movies, Photos Age, Height and  other Details - Latest News about Web Series, Movie, Serial, Music and  Actors
  • Shreya Tyagi as Sister

2. Charmsukh Chawl House Cast

Sneha Paul Takes Off Her Clothes Make Hot and Bold Look In Her upcoming OTT  web series - Check Latest Photos - The National Bulletin
  • Sneha Paul as Renu

3. Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein (Ullu App)

Jinnie Jaaz Photos (1) - Mix India
  • Jinnie Jaaz as Wife

4. Charmsukh Degree Wala Teacher Cast

Mahima Gupta Wiki Biography, Age, Height, Affairs, Web series, Serials,  movies, Image and More - Bollywood Popular
  • Mahima Gupta as Puja

5. Charmsukh Promotion Cast (Ullu)

Who is Hiral Radadiya | Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Photos, Net  Worth & More
  • Hiral Radadiya as Devika

6. Charmsukh Flat 69 Cast

Thea D'souza - Profile Images — The Movie Database (TMDB)
  • Thea D’Souza as Garima

8. Charmsukh Kaamwali Bai Cast

Aarohi Dike Wiki Biography, Age, Height,Videos , Affairs, Web  Series,Hottest Photos . » Vishal Talk
  • Aarohi Dike as Paro

10. Charmsukh – Sautela Pyaar Episode.

Actress Rajsi Verma plays the role of mother Seema.

charmsukh sautela pyaar mother actress Rajsi verma full

11. Charmsukh – Humse Na Ho Payega.

Actress Luviena Lodh played the role of wife Rashmi.

charmsukh tumse na ho payega wife actress real name

13. Charmsukh – Jaane Anjaane Mein.

Actress Jinnie Jaz played the role of bahu (daughter-in-law) in the episode Jaane Anjaane Mein on Ullu App.

charmsukh jaane anjaane mein bahu sasur episode actress real name jinnie jaz

14. Charmsukh – Episode – Se* Education.

The episode features two beautiful actresses…

charmsukh sex education episode full download ullu app cast

15. Charmsukh – Episode Flat 69 full cast.

Actress Thea D’souza played the lead role of Garima in Charmsukh web series Episode Flat 69, who loses her virginity to her sister’s landlord. Instagram: @goddesst999

charmsukh flat 69 actress thea dsouza as garima

Shalini Sahay plays the elder sister of Thea D’souza in the web series. Instagram: @sahay3_shalini

16. Charmsukh – Episode Chawl House.

Actress Sneha Paul played the role of Renu Bhabhi. Instagram: @snehapaul588

charmsukh chawl house actress sneha paul renu bhabhi

17. Charmsukh – Episode Meri Padosan full cast.

Actress Unika Ray played the role of new padosan/neighbor. Instagram: @realunik28

charmsukh meri padosan actress unika ray full episode ullu app

18. Charmsukh – Aate Ki Chakki  full cast.

Actress Jinnie Jaaz played the role of Daughter-In-Law (Badi Bahu).Instagram:@jinnie_jaz

charmsukh aate ki chakki actress jinnie jaaz

19. Charmsukh Salahkaar Ullu web series cast

Charmsukh Salahkaar Ullu Web Series 2021 Cast Real Name, Crew, Storyline,  Release Date, Wiki, Roles
  • Mishti Basu as Nandani.
  • Ayush Sharma as Harry.

20. Charmsukh Toilet Love ullu web series cast

Sonal Waghmare Wiki Biography, Web Series, Movies, Photos Age, Height and  other Details » News Hardin
  • Sonal Waghmare as Roli.
  • Manik Loul as Roli’s Boyfriends.

22. Charmsukh Tuition Teacher Web Series

Amika Shail Wiki, Age, Profile, Boyfriend and Biography | Celebs Profiles
  • Amika Shail

23. Charmsukh Live Streaming Cast

Charmsukh (Live Streaming) – Review & Cast
  • Muskaan Agarwal as Kamla
  • Rajesh Raman as Lakhan

24. Navel of love Ullu Web Series 

  • Rohini Chatterjee as (Mouni)

25.  Charmsukh Chawl House 2 Cast

Sneha Paul
  • Sneha Paul
  • Ravi Parmar

26. Charmsukh Maa Devrani Beti Jethani Cast

Priya Gamre Wiki Biography, Web Series, Movies, Photos, Age, Height and  Video - Latest News about Web Series, Movie, Serial, Music and Actors
  • Priya Gamre as Sarla
  • Mishti Basu as Janhvi

26. Charmsukh Saree Ki Dukaan Cast

Sonia Singh Rajput
  • Sonia Singh Rajput
  • Arohi Barde

27. Raja Ka Baja Web Series Cast

10 Manvi-Chugh ideas | popular commercials, actresses, short film
  • Manvi Chugh
  • Hiral Radadiya

28. Jane Anjane Mein 5 Part 1 Web Series Cast

Jinnie-Jazz-wiki - MixIndia
  • Jinnie jazz
  • Deepak Dutt

29. Bidaai Charmsukh Web Series Cast

  • Pihu Kanojia as Chameli
  • Dhiraj Kumar Rai as Genda

30. Tapan Part 2 Charmsukh Web Series Cast

  • Kajal Jha as Riya
  • Noor Malabika as Rashmi

31. Charmsukh Bidaai Part 2 Web Series

  • Pihu Kanojia as Chameli
  • Dhiraj Kumar Rai as Genda

32. Jaane Anjane Mein 6 Web series

  • Jinnie Jaaz as Urmila
  • Deepak Dutt Sharma

Charmsukh Ullu Web Series Cast: Charmsukh Ullu is the app’s most popular franchise. Regardless of the language, every web series produced under it has been a tremendous success. The creators of the web series have been created on a regular basis as the number of followers grows. Name of Ullu Actress The whole cast of Ullu is listed below. It provides information on the actress and the rest of the cast of the Ullu web series. Ullu is now one of India’s cheapest OTT platforms. It’s the cheapest location to view short stories, movies, and web series, in my opinion.

Adult web series account for half of the content on the platform. As a result, keep that in mind as you watch it. But it’s not as though Ullu’s output is limited to that. Ullu has added a new function to the app as a result of the amended censorship regulation. They’ve added a family-friendly option to the game. When you enable this option, all adult web series are hidden and you are presented with web series that you may watch with your family.

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How To Watch Charmsukh ULLU Web Series all episodes?

Charmsukh is constantly becoming the most streamed series on the Ullu platform. And every new episode somehow breaks the record of previous ones. Now, you might be thinking about how to watch this series.

You can watch the series very easily as it takes only a few steps. To watch the Ullu web series, you just have to follow these steps.

  • Download the Ullu app from the play store.
  • Sign up with your email id.
  • To stream a web series you have to purchase a premium plan from the app.
  • Ullu gives you weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. So choose any of the plans you like.
  • And you are done. Enjoy the ULLU web series you want to watch for free.


Charmsukh Ullu Web Series All Episode Actress Cast Name List

EpisodeCast (Actors & Actresses)
Mom And DaughterNikhil Arora Rajsi Verma Ruby Bharaj
Ek Khwaab SuhaagratNitesh Mishra Pallavi Mukherjee
BehrupiyaSaumya Tiwari (Preeti) Nidhi Mahawan (Kritika) Nikita Nikas (Mother) Ashutosh (Shekhar)
Karna Zaruri HaiVidyut Xaviier Kasturi Chhetri Dinesh Parmar
HighwayFarooq KhanSupriya ShuklaSaad Baba
Pajama PartyVihan Verma (Rahul) Kajal (Neeta) Gaurav Kumar (Sam) Jayati Thakar (Dancer)
Kaamwali Bai (Part 1 & Part 2)Aarohi Dike (Paro) Garima Maurya (Richa) Jay Zaveri (Sameer)
Degree Wala TeacherPriya Sachan (Dolly) Anwar Fatehan (Trustee) Abhay G Shankar (Gupta Sir) Mahima Gupta (Puja)
SaudaRohit Sharma (Hironmoe) Ira Soni (Sumedha) Trisha Choudhary (Apeksha)
Sautela PyaarDevashish (Anthony) Rajsi Verma (Seema) Swasti Kapur (Ritu) Ashwin Kaushal (Joseph)
Telephone BoothRimjhim Das (Amita) Rajat Bhasin (Karan) Gaurav Sharma (Jeet)
Humse Na Ho PayegaLuviena Lodh (Rashmi) Anshul Bammi (Ansh) Amit Thakur (Kishor)
TrappedNidhi Mahawan (Pinky) Joshua Chhabra (Nandu) Anvesh Bansal (Nilesh)
Jane Anjane Mein (Part 1 & Part 2)Amit Jaitley (Husband) Jinnie Jaaz (Wife) Manoj Dutt (Father-in-law) Archana Shukla (Mother-in-law)
Sex EducationManvi Chugh (Sudhi) Rajsi Verma (Swarna) Rahul Sharma (Jatin)
Flat 69Thea D’souza (Garima)Shalini Sahay (Jonita)Lolit Phulwani (Sidharth)
Jane Anjane Mein 2 (Part-1)Jinnie Jaaz (Chandani)Sima Pari (Mother-In-law)Deepak Dutt Sharma (Sasur Ji)Meet Arora (Husband)
Jane Anjane Mein 2 (Part-2)Jinnie Jaaz (Chandani)Sima Pari (Mother-In-law)Deepak Dutt Sharma (Sasur Ji)Meet Arora (Husband)
Role PlayAnshul Bammi (Aakash)Divya Burman (Payal)Satyajeet (Doctor)
PromotionHiral Radadiya (Devika)Nitin Bhatia (Rohan)Mahi Kamla (Shruti)
Jane Anjane Mein 3 (Part-1)Jinnie Jaaz (Chandani)Sima Pari (Mother-In-law)Deepak Dutt Sharma (Sasur Ji)Meet Arora (Husband)Shreya Tyagi (Chandani’s Sister)
Jane Anjane Mein 3 (Part-2)Deepak Dutt Sharma (Father-In-Law)Jinnie Jaaz (Chandani)Meet Arora (Husband)Shreya Tyagi (Sister)
Chawl HouseSneha Paul (Renu)Dakshita Kumar (Ronit)Eshan Tiwari (Bhanu)Jyostna Trivedi (Snehal)Meenu Sharma (Mami)
Jane Anjane Mein 4 (Part-1)Deepak Dutt Sharma (Father-In-Law)Jinnie Jaaz (Chandani)Dinesh Vidya (Devar)Lalit Dixit (Husband)
Jane Anjane Mein 4 (Part-2)Jinnie Jaaz (Wife)Dinesh Vidya (Devar)Lalit Dixit (Husband)Deepak Dutt Sharma (Sasur)
Meri PadosanUnika Ray (Soumya)Lakshya Handa (Vicky)Neha Mandal (Bai)
Aate Ki Chakki (Part-1)Jinnie Jaaz (Badi Bahu)Muskan Agrawal (Choti Bahu)Mukesh Kapani (Sasur)Raghuvendra Pratap Singh (Vimal)
Aate Ki Chakki (Part-2)Jinnie Jaaz (Badi Bahu)Muskan Agrawal (Choti Bahu)Mukesh Kapani (Sasur)Raghuvendra Pratap Singh (Vimal)
SalahkaarMishti Basu (Nandani)Ayush Sharma (Harry)Ajay Raj Tomar (Kamlesh)Anjani Rana (Husband)

Charmsukh Ullu Web Series Cast – FAQ

1. Charmsukh Web Series StoryLine?

Each episode story of the Charmsukh series is different from the other. The makers always come up with a new storyline in every season. Every episode story is filled with a lot of suspense, thriller, and romance that excites you to watch all the episodes at once. All episodes are directed by different directors with different mindsets.

2. Who is the owner of Ullu?

Vibhu Agarwal is the CEO of Ullu launched in 2018

3. Which language is Ullu available in?

Ullu is available in four languages English, Hindi, Tamil, and Urdu.

4. Ullu web series Watch Online?

You can watch 300+ hours of original content on the Ullu official app or website.

5. What is Ullu?

Ullu is a popular Indian online streaming platform owned by Vibhu Agarwal.

6. Is ULLU worth a subscription?

If you are looking for a bold and erotic web series then the Ullu subscription is worth it. It is available at reasonable prices.

7. Is the ULLU subscription free?

Ullu allows you to watch 2 videos or Web Series absolutely free.

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