Creepsmcpasta Accused of Grooming Allegations False or True Drama Explained

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Creepsmcpasta Accused of Grooming Allegations False or True Drama Explained: Two of the Youtubers with the name CreepsMcpasta and Creepy PastaJr were once accused of grooming a young girl in the year 2020, the situation was quiet for a while after CreepsMcPasta who posted a video refuting the charges, the video has resurfaced on the social media platform when SpyV posted a video on Youtube and Twitter claiming the accusations against the Youtubers were accurate. Follow More Update On

Creepsmcpasta Accused of Grooming Allegations

Kumori was groomed by CreepsMcPasta when she was 12 years old, the formal statement as well as the findings, are yet to be made in public, Belle Aubrey is the first one who got exposed in the incident on 22nd August when the victim Kumori interviewed it.

According to Belle, Kumori informed the FBI investigators about the situation, there has been no record which has been published on the incident, the Youtubers never got penalized for their activities nor were they exonerated of the claims.

Are The Allegations False?

Following the allegation of Kumori, CreepyMcOPasta uploaded a video he was refuting all the claims and he was clarifying all the facts, as a result, everyone began to take his side, everyone started questioning the credibility of the girl who might have confused him with the abuser.

The case got no further attention afterward and fell silent, SpyV uploaded a video on 10th November on Youtube claiming that everything which has been stated by the creepy reader stated in the video was a total lie and he used his tory to manipulate everyone. It seems like people are divided in the whole scenario.

Some people are relieved that this case is being discussed again and several users are stating and demanding that Youtubers should stop spreading false information just to gain some views.

Creepsmcpasta Accused of Grooming Allegations Explained

All the drama and accusations started off when Kumori contacted Belle Aubrey in an interview to share her story on being groomed by the Youtubers, according to Belle, Kumori contacted her amid the Dahvie Vanity Investigation in order to tell her how she was groomed by a couple of major Youtuber artists when she was the age of 12 at the time.

There are going to be further revelations in the story and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with the further developments as soon as something comes under our radar, we will be updating you in the coming days and weeks.

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