CM Kejriwal extended lockdown for 1 week, uncontrolled situation from Corona in Delhi


Delhi’s condition has become critical in the fight with Corona. Amidst the ever-increasing oxygen crisis and shortage of medicines, the news is that the government has extended the lockdown for a week to control the situation. Typically, every hospital has a shortage of oxygen, while families are frantically searching for drugs. Amidst all this, the government has once again taken a drastic decision by increasing the lockdown.

Lockdown may increase until May 15

The ongoing lockout from April 20 has been extended to May 10 due to the havoc of Corona released in Delhi. Now the lockdown will remain in force till 5 am on May 10. Earlier, the lockdown was extended for seven days from 26 April which would continue till 5 am on 3 May. A senior Delhi government official had already expressed apprehension that this could be extended to at least 15 May, given the situation in Delhi. If needed in the future, it can be extended till 31 May. However, he hoped that the situation in Delhi would return to normal and should not happen after 15 May.

He said that now lockdown is the only remaining weapon to save the lives of people. Everything will be done to save the people. However, he clarified how long the lockdown was to be extended. Any decision in this regard will be taken by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA).

Corona patients are growing every day

Things are constantly getting worse in Delhi. Corona patients are increasing daily. Corona’s infection rate has risen from 36 to 37 percent. The rate of infection still remains above 30 percent. Hospitals are in a bad state. Lack of oxygen remains.

Critical condition in hospitals

Bed and corona medicines are not available in hospitals. Lack of oxygen remains. People are wandering in hospitals overnight to treat patients. No one is being given admission anywhere. The administration seems helpless. The point of concern here is that the number of Maths in Delhi is constantly increasing. The crematorium is not a place on the ghats. New cremation grounds are being built. The cemeteries are full. New mausoleums are being built.