Flipkart Ladies vs Gentlemen Quiz Answers 7 November 2021

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Flipkart Ladies vs Gentlemen Quiz is the new video quiz online from Flipkart after a break of a few months. Flipkart normally brings the most popular quizzes for Indian audiences. After a short break of zero episodes for this quiz, Flipkart Ladies Vs Gentlemen (Flipkart Video Quiz) has come back with a bang. The quiz online will help Flipkart’s further efforts of moving above customers’ expectations and increasing their social existence and social trust.

Flipkart Ladies vs Gentlemen Quiz Answers 7 November 2021

Question 1: What % of men believe that women feel happy only when they are given materialistic things?

Answer 1: 50%

Question 2: What % of people feel uncomfortable seeing a woman breastfeed in public?

Answer 2: 50%

Question 3: What % of people believe that men are responsible for handling all technical repair and maintenance within the house?

Answer 3: 80%

Flipkart Ladies vs Gentlemen Quiz talks about different perspectives by understanding them with the opinion poll of the audience by Flipkart. There are 2 teams – ladies and gentlemen – and there are 3 questions where users are needed to assume the answer. All the questions are according to the poll and you will be asked to answer them correctly in %age points. Apart from this, both the teams will be asked to answer the same question. Flipkart uses the same question in a poll thru Flipkart Video to obtain the answer.

Flipkart Ladies vs Gentlemen Quiz: Rewards of the Day

  • Realme Bluetooth Speaker (1 winner)
  • 15 Supercoins (Remaining winners)
  • 10 Supercoins (Remaining winners)
  • Rs 100 Flipkart Gift Voucher (10 winners)
  • CoinDCX Bitcoins up to Rs 150 (10,000 winners)
  • 2 Supercoins (Remaining winners)
  • 1 Supercoins (Remaining winners)
  • 5 Supercoins (Remaining winners)

Flipkart Ladies vs Gentlemen Quiz: how to play

  • You can download the Flipkart app from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Now, log in to your existing account or create a new account.
  • Once you are logged in, jump to the Video section.
  • Click on the video and you will get “Ladies vs Gentlemen Quiz” in the list of contests.
  • Click on the banner image to begin the contest.
  • Now, you will see 2 big buttons mentioning as “My Rewards” and “Play”.
  • Click on “Play” to jump start the quiz contest.
  • Next, you will have to look the video and answer the question correctly.
  • When the quiz ends, click on “See my performance” to unlock the winning rewards.
  • Grab your reward on the next screen.

Flipkart Ladies vs Gentlemen Quiz: terms and conditions

  1. You will require to answer all the questions correctly to win an mentioned reward.
  2. The winners will receive the Flipkart gift vouchers, products as applicable or supercoins.
  3. The rewards will be sent to the account of the winners on or before mentioned date.
  4. This contest is applicable only in India and only to the Indian citizens.
  5. All the users must be of age 18 or higher and have verified their details on Flipkart.
  6. The participant must have a legal account on the Flipkart platform.
  7. By participating, participants agree to the agreement & consent to the collection, usage, storage, transfer, sharing or otherwise processing of personal details.
  8. This includes high sensitive information given by participants.
  9. Employees of Flipkart should not engage in bringing their relatives, and any other companies associated with the contest are not eligible to win.
  10. Flipkart may reach Winners for marketing and promotional requirements.