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An email ID is a one-of-a-kind identifier for a certain email account. It may be used to send and receive email messages over the Internet. To send an email message, you’ll need an email or Gmail account for both the sender and the recipient. Here, I’ll walk you through the entire procedure of Email ID Kaise Banaye.

Everyone nowadays establishes an email ID on Google since it offers several advantages. Go to this article right now if you don’t have an email account. Is your email address Kaise Banaen or Kaise Banaye? Because, in today’s world, there are numerous ways to communicate, but for business purposes, email is the only way to communicate.

How to Establish an Email ID – You may also create an email ID from any other website, such as,, or Gmail, on the other hand, has more features and capabilities than they do. Some people obtain a Gmail ID created by a relative once, but if they wish to get another one generated, there may be an issue if no one else is available to do it. That is why knowing how to create a Gmail ID is crucial. Let’s take a look at how to make a fresh Gmail account.

How to Create Gmail ID (Create Gmail Account)

1 . First of all go to the browser of your mobile or computer.

2 . Now search in it  ‘Gmail’ and click on the first result. Which will open this page.

Google Account Kaise Banaye

3 . Now click on Create Account, then select For me. 

4 . Now a new page will open, first enter your first name and last name.

Fill Name Username and Password Gmail Id Kaise Banate Hain

5 . After this, anyone has to create a Username. (Remember that Username is not being used by anyone else, if someone else is using that Username, then some other Username options will come below, you can select any one of them. Huh)

6 . Now create a password. (That password must contain some English characters (ABC), some symbols (@#$%), and some numbers (123)) Then click on Next.

7 . After this, you will have to verify with anyone’s mobile number, enter the number in the box and click on Next.

Verify your Gmail phone number Create email account

8 . Now on your entered number  ( OTP ) One Time Password will come and verify it by entering it.

Enter Gmail OTP Gmail New Account Kaise Banaye

9 . Now you have to enter your phone number ( if you want to create without a number, leave it blank),  Recovery Email Address  (if there is no other email account, leave blank if it does not have an email address), date of birth and gender. Then click on Next.

Fill Recovery email address and details Gmail ID Kaise Banaye in Hindi

10 . After that click on Yes I’m in.

Click Yes I'm in on Gmail |  create new gmail account

11 . Now Privacy and Terms will open, click on I agree in it.

Gmail Privacy and Terms | Gmail Id Create New Account Hindi


In this post, I hope you found the answer to your query Google Id Kaise Banate Hain or Email ID Kaise Banaye Bataye. I described Email ID Banane Ka Tarika to you in simple terms with examples. Do you know how to make a mobile email id key? Creating an email ID is as simple as it appears on the surface; in fact, it is much simpler. If any of your friends or acquaintances do not know how to create an email or Gmail account, you may provide them with the Gmail Id Kaise Banaen information.

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