BEST Trick to Intraday Trading 7 Golden Rules in 2022 (Dec)

{Best} Trick to Intraday Trading 7 Golden Rules

Intraday trading share market is such a part that if you do it properly, it can give you big profits in a single day. If you do not do it in the right way, then there can also be a big loss. Today we will tell Intraday Trading 7 Golden Rules that will help you to earn profits in trading. And at the same time, it will also save from damage. Let’s know the Golden Rules of Intraday Trading which you have to follow:-

Intraday Trading 7 Golden Rules in Hindi

  • Trading in Liquidity Stock:-

The first thing you have to do is to trade in liquid stocks. Liquidity stock means that there is not much difference between buying and selling the range. The stock of which many Buyers and Sellers are present. You need to find the stock in which the liquidity is very high and there is some kind of upward or downward movement on that stock. You have to trade on AC stock.

You have to stay away from the stock to stand, buy and sell less. The first rule of intraday trading is that the stock will move up or down, only then there will be some earnings. That’s why you should trade in high liquidity stocks.

  • Small Quantity Trading:-

Before doing any trading, you must keep in mind that always trading in small amounts is to be done. You should trade according to your risk. For example, sometimes we feel that ABC stock is going to go up, at that time due to high greed we give a big amount of money. Whenever you increase the amount of your money due to greed, you are likely to suffer a lot.

Because when you increase the quantity, then that stock is not necessary that according to you, it will go up and down at times. As soon as it goes up and down a bit, due to the amount of your money, the size of the loss will also be bigger. Due to this, you will get out of trading in panic in the loss. That’s why you should always do trading in small amounts.

Important Rules of Intraday Trading

  • Intraday Trading with Stop Loss:-

You have to always trade with Stop Loss. Don’t trade without it at all. Stop Loss is very important to reduce your loss. Any trade you took and a Stop Loss trade should both go out at the same time. This is the biggest Golden Rule of Intraday Trading.

  • Stay away from greed:-

First of all, as much profit, as you had left, you should be out of the market on that day as soon as you get that much profit. If you keep watching the market, you will feel more inclined to take trades that will hurt you more than you earned.

In the same way, on the contrary, if your first trade goes wrong, you can still exit the market. To recover that money on that day no more trades have to be entered. The day you lost within the first 1-2 hours if you trade to recover till the market closes. So you will lose a lot more than that. Because it may happen on that day that your strategy and stock selection is not right.

  • The loss not to average:-

You should never average on the loss side in intraday trading. Suppose you bought a stock for Rs 500 for trading, after some time that stock price became 450. Then you bought and bought an average. But you should never average on the loss side.

If you are making a profit then you can buy more on that trade. But if a stock is not going in your direction then you should not buy it at all. You should only look at your Stop Loss, if interest is done then you have to exit the trade.

Before doing trading, you must know the golden rules:-

  • Do not listen to anyone while trading:-

You do not have to take the trade at all by coming into someone’s talk. No matter how great the analyst is, you should do your own analysis. You have to take your trade on your own terms. It is not necessary that the trade of the analyst is right, it can also be wrong. You have to stay in your discipline and not choose anyone’s point of view while trading.

  • Effect of the previous day:-

In intraday trading, no day is independent, it is linked to the previous day. Whenever you do trading, the support, resistance, and behavior of the previous day will definitely have an effect on today. In the shadow of what that stock did yesterday, the behavior will definitely be seen today. You must see the chart of the previous day, only after that, do you have to do trading.

Intraday Trading 7 Golden Rules If you keep in mind, apply it again and again. After that, it will be easy for you to earn money intraday and the loss will be very less. These 7 mantras will definitely save you from loss in intraday trading and will lead you towards profit.

I hope you have learned the right way of trading by reading the post-Intraday Trading 7 Golden Rules in Hindi. If you follow these rules you will definitely make a profit in intraday trading. If you have any questions related to this, then definitely ask in the comment. You can read our other posts to know the details related to the share market in detail as well as to stay updated with important news.

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