Is Joanna Page Pregnant? Actress pregnancy rumors Explained

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Is Joanna Page Pregnant? Actress pregnancy rumors Explained: The star or lead actress of Gavin and Stacey, Joanna Page is pregnant and this news is creating a buzz on social media. Her fans are so excited when they revied her pregnancy news and also waiting with a curiosity to welcome her baby. She is the most liked star of Gavin and Stacey. Seh is going to be a mother fourth time as she is blessed with three kids and this is the fourth time for her. Her husband James Thornton is super happy to welcome his fourth baby. Follow More Update On

Is Joanna Page Pregnant?

She is a mother of Eva and she is eight years old and her son Kit and Noah both were born in 2015 and 2016. Joanna is 44 years old and she is doing great in her life. She is so passionate about her work and appeared in many of the shows. She is on Instagram with the handle @iamjoannapage. She is followed by 96k followers and her feed is jammed up with her pictures, you can go and check that she uploaded the picks of her family and friends on this. Other than this she also posted her cutest and glowing pick in which she wore a white gone with the green shirt on it, She is looking pretty and the glow can be seen on her face.

You can also see that she has the baby’s womb and her smile is reflecting that how happy and excited she is to welcome her fourth baby. She also wrote a caption that reads, “Well this is a surprise I’m going to welcome my 4th baby. And this Christmas is going to be so busy.”

She also revealed how they use to be spent the lockdown period together. And she told that “in the lockdown, I and my husband both of us use to fight a lot with each other. We got so frustrated with each other and use to give winnings of divorce but then we decided to have a physical bond and after this, we realize that there was nothing serious to fight on. Then finally we get to know that I’m pregnant and this brings a lot of happiness between us.”

So their fans are now taking over to Twitter to congratulate them and also getting so excited to see her new child. Her Instagram and comment section is loaded with lots of congratulatory messages.

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