Jiivi 2 Tamil Movie (2022)  Cast, Trailer, and Review

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VJ Gopinath’s forthcoming thriller Jiivi 2 will be directed by him. It’s the follow-up to Jiivi, a thriller drama that came out in 2019. Under the V House Production umbrella, Suresh Kamatchi has financed Jiivi 2. The camera and editing work are handled by Praveen Kumar and Praveen K.L., respectively. Vetri and Monica Chinnakotla star in this film, which also has Ashwini Chandrashekaran, Karunakaran, and Mime Gopi in supporting roles.

The sequel to the film ‘Jeevi’ will be released soon. I was able to secure a contract to play the protagonist. Monica, Karunakaran, and Mime Gopi feature in the film ‘Jeevi,’ directed by VJ Gopinath. The film was critically and commercially successful when it was released in 2019. The premise and script were lauded by critics in particular. The sequel to the film ‘Jeevi’ is currently under production. VJ Gopinath will also direct the film. Suresh Kamatchi has agreed to star in the next film as the protagonist. VJ Gopinath, the director, briefs Praveen KL, the editor, about the narrative. Praveen KL stated on Twitter after hearing the narrative of ‘Jeevi 2’:

“In the sequel to ‘Jivi,’ I heard a beautiful story. Another triangle rule, this time with a higher degree of difficulty. For this demographic, ‘Jivi 2’ will be a fantastic picture.” The winning cast is being chosen. The film’s formal announcement will be made available soon.

Jiivi 2 Movie Details

DirectorVJ Gopinath
ProducerSuresh Kamatchi
GenreDrama Thriller
CastVetri, Monica Chinnakotla, Karunakaran, Mime Gopi
MusicSundaramurthy KS
CinematographerPraveen Kumar
EditorK.I. Praveen
Production CompanyV House Production
Release dateYet to be announced

Jiivi 2 Movie Cast

Here are some cast members of Jiivi 2 movie,

  • Vetri
  • Monica Chinnakotla
  • Karunakaran
  • Mime Gopi
  • Ashwini Chandrashekaran

Jiivi 2 Movie Images

Jiivi Review

Jiivi 2 Movie Review

Vettri made a strong breakthrough in ‘8 Thottakkal,’ and his second picture, ‘Jiivi,’ directed by debutante V.J. Gopinath, is expected to be as successful. But what audiences will find in theatres is a clever little picture with a fairly gratifying finale. Saravanan (Vettri) arrives in Chennai from a tiny hamlet near Madurai, where he works at a juice and tea stand operated by Mani (Karunakaran).

Despite coming from a lower-middle-class household, he is illiterate but has obtained a great deal of information via reading. Saravanan’s fiancée dumps him, citing his meager living conditions, which causes him to become depressed, prompting him to grab diamonds from his house owner (Rohini), whom he considers a brother. The young guy then employs all of his acquired knowledge to meticulously organize and execute the crime, while simultaneously framing a disgruntled neighbor. Even as Vettri manages to get away with the crime, he establishes a deeper bond with his partner. The rest of the intelligent script is devoted to his actions in relation to something from the past, as well as what that item is and how he flees from it.

Vettri’s deadpan attitudes and appearance helped him carry off the rookie officer part in his first film, and the same is true here. He has, on the other hand, nearly perfected a complicated character of a man who is on the grey side. Karunakaran not only acts as a reluctant partner to the crime, but also as the audience’s conscience, and he does so with ease as always. The other three crucial characters are played by Rohini, Rama, and Mime Gopi, all of whom bring a wealth of expertise to the table. The two girls don’t have much of a role in the film, but they are key story points.

What works best in ‘Jiivi’ is the film’s primary theme, a revolutionary notion of human connectedness, which has been portrayed to perfection. Like the ceiling fan metaphor and the iconic Thala Ajith sequence in ‘Mankatha,’ the method of presenting big thoughts using simple items and happenings is equally amazing. The connection between today’s crime and a comparable one in the past, as well as how it all comes together in the conclusion, is quite rewarding, and there is also a sense of social justice in it.

On the negative side, the writing had the potential to be more thrilling and interesting, which was not taken advantage of. Throughout the first half, the plodding pace is tiring, and the police inquiry adds nothing to the drama.

The lines of Babu Tamizh are a huge positive for ‘Jiivi,’ as are the background soundtrack, cinematography, and editing. Director V.J. Gopinath has made his debut with a really unique and intriguing topic, which he has executed admirably enough to earn him a position among Tamil cinema’s greatest new generation directors.

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