Kamala Harris French Accent Video Viral On Social Media

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WATCH: Kamala Harris French Accent Video Viral On Social Media: Vice President Kamala Harris has been once again the subject of a strange new cycle, this is the time when there are other conservatives accusing her of using a French accent while speaking to numerous scientists in Paris, On Wednesday a video of Harris has been circulating on the internet where he is pronouncing the word “the’ as “thee”. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Kamala Harris French Accent Video

She has been making rounds on social media, there are seeming hordes of conservative accounts which are accusing her of applying the accent providing the setting, it seems to be highly possible that the Vice President simply chose to emphasize and elaborate for her behavior while speaking to the scientists.

It could be possible that the President didn’t mean anything by what she was doing or it could be that she has really done this knowingly which is just too disrespectful to the people who came there to meet her and have a chat with her, it could be a possibility because she has already had her fair share cringe-worthy moments at the time of her public appearance.

Predictably, FoxNews has seemingly run several segments and have already published many articles on the behavior of the president, it gets more unsettling as the former secretary of State Mike Pompeo is going onto FoxNews and he is declaring it a national threat which is just absurd to the core.

There is nothing serious to it, it is just a goof-up or stupidity of the President to commit to such a thing in order to come out as friendly, if this is the case then it was a pretty bad move but is definitely not a national threat by any angle, it seems like people are now trying to create false angles and give it a completely new narrative in order to manipulate the politics game.

It seems like people are discussing it on the internet, some people are trying to make around a big narrative around the story but all and all we all know this was just a really poor choice of attempt in order to come out as a friendly person. It is unlikely that there are going to be more revelations in the story. We are going to be on our toes to provide you with further details as soon as something comes under our radar.

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