Molkki 24th November 2021 full episode written update: Purvi complains to Virendra

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Molkki 24th November 2021 full episode written update: Purvi complains to Virendra: The episode starts with Purvi as she says to Renu that her father deserves punishment for all sins that he did. She adds that she knows Virendra will assure that her father gets his punishment. Virendra comes there and says to Renu that he will send him to prison. He tells her that the police are about to come. He asks Purvi what is she thinking. She says that she is thinking about her mom who suffered so much till now and what will happen to her in the future. He says to her that her mother will stay with them in this house. Follow More Update On

Later, Police come and detains Purvi’s father who says to Virendra that Purvi is the one who asked him to send his sister there. Purvi says that why is he lying. She says to Virendra that she doesn’t know that Renu is his sister. Purvi’s father requests Purvi to reveal the truth. He says to Virendra that Purvi won’t reveal the truth, he will tell him everything. He tells him that when he threw her out of the house, Purvi saw him with her sister and decided to take revenge on him. Purvi says that her father is lying.

Purvi accepts that she met her father but didn’t say anything to him and she didn’t see her face. Virendra says to the police that Purvi’s father is lying so arrests him. Police Inspector is taking him but Purvi’s mother stops them. She says to Virendra that Purvi’s father is not lying. Purvi asks why is she saving him. Sakshi gets happy seeing all this and says this is what she wanted. She reminisces how she told Purvi’s father to lie about Purvi and when Purvi’s mother opposes him. He threatens to kill her. Sakshi also threatens Purvi’s mother saying if she wants her son to be alive.

Purvi questions her mother why is she doing all this. Renu asks Purvi why she did this with her. Purvi says that she is innocent, she didn’t do anything. Virendra looks into Purvi’s eyes. He asks Purvi’s father to tell the truth else he will kill him. He defends Purvi. Sakshi asks him not to trust Purvi blindly and what about Purvi’s mother’s statement. Renu also asks Virendra that why is he not accepting the truth. He says that he won’t listen to anything against Purvi. The police take Purvi’s father. Purvi decides to know the truth. Sakshi tries to instigate Purvi. Later, Purvi’s mother asks Purvi to arrange bail for her father. Watch the full episode of “Molkki” on Colors at 10 pm.

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