[Leaked] Mouchak (Hoichoi) Web Series Story, Cast, Release Date (July)


Mouchak is a Bengali-language web series from India. Monami Ghosh and Kanchan Mullick, Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, and Sourav Chatterjee feature in the series. It is produced by Rohit Samanta and Sahana Dutta under the umbrella of the Missing Crew production business. The series will premiere on Hoichoi’s OTT platform on June 18, 2021.

Sayantan Ghoshal directs Hoichoi’s latest Bengali online series Mouchak. We’ll discuss the cast and crew of Mouchak, as well as the film’s review, wiki, story, actresses, actors, and directors, as well as the cast’s true names and photos.

Mouchak (Hoichoi) Web Series Information

Title Mouchak
Main Cast Monami Ghosh
Kanchan Mullick
Suhotra Mukhopadhyay
Sourav Chatterjee
Genre Comedy
Director Sayantan Ghosal
Producer Rohit Samanta
Sahana Dutta
Story and Screenplay Sahana Dutta
Dialogues Sahana Dutta
Sumit Deb
Joydip Banerjee
Editor Abhiranjan Maitra
DoP Tuban
Music Binit Ranjan Maitra
Executive Producer Aishwarya Das Gupta
Creative Director Sahana Dutta
Associate Director Subhadeep Ghosh
Production House Missing Crew Production

Mouchak Web Series Cast

Mouchak Actors Name with Wiki
Monami Ghosh Monami Ghosh
Suhotra Mukhopadhyay Suhotra Mukhopadhyay
Apratim Chatterjee Apratim Chatterjee
Jammy Banerjee Jammy Banerjee
Kanchan Mullick Kanchan Mullick

When it comes to the over-the-top, SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd runs Hoichoi, an Indian on-demand streaming platform that was established on September 20, 2017, four years ago. Hoichoi, an OTT platform in Bengali, is now accessible for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV. Hoichoi aspires to reach out to the world’s 35 crores (or perhaps 350 million) Bengali-based people.

The web series was created under the Missing Crew Production House label, and it was produced by Rohit Samanta and directed by Sayantan Ghoshal. It’ll be a comedy film. series that will never tire you since the creators have included all of the best sequences in the series, making it overwhelming. But first and foremost, you must acquire a membership.

The series will be formally published on the Hoichoi platform on June 18, 2021, but the creators have issued an exclusive trailer to stimulate people’s interest. You may get a glimpse of the tale plot and all of the gorgeous faces who are part of the series through this.

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People Also Asks

#1. When Mouchak Will Be Released?

This Mouchk web series is released on 18th June.

#2. Who Is The Director Of Mouchak?

Sayantan Ghoshal directed Mouchak web series

#4. Who Is The Producer Of Mouchak?

Rohit Samanta & Sahana Dutta are the producers of Mouchak.

#3. Who Plays The Lead Role In Mouchak?

Monami Ghosh playing the lead role in Mouchak.

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