There is apprehension over vaccination of people above 45 and between 18 and 45


The vaccination campaign, which begins May 1, is feared by the youth about the corona vaccine. The way states have laid their hands and some states are trying to launch a new campaign from the central government account, it may also affect the ongoing vaccination.

Vaccine availability is becoming a major problem

There is a steady decline in vaccines being sent to the center for people over the age of 45, as well as health care and border workers. It is believed that the stocks remaining with the states will only be able to last for two-three days. That is, the central government will have to deliver a new consignment before that.

Health Ministry again claims vaccine deficiency

Amid reports of people coming back from different parts of the country due to vaccine deficiency, the Health Ministry on Thursday reiterated the claim that there is no shortage of vaccines. According to the ministry, in addition to the more than 15 crore doses till Wednesday, one crore six lakh doses are left with the states and 20 lakh 80 thousand doses will be received in a day or two.

The second aspect is that on Wednesday only 21 lakh vaccine doses can be given. If the vaccine is given at a daily dose of 40-42 lakhs, it will expire in two-three days. In the data released three days ago by the Ministry of Health, the states claimed over one crore doses, but then it was reported that an additional 80 lakh doses would be given to the states in two-three days. Apparently, the dose that is found in the next two-three days is now a quarter, indicating a vaccine deficiency. With the continuing vaccine shortage for people over the age of 45, their problems will increase further, with private vaccine centers closing the doors for them. The government made it clear that they would no longer get vaccinated at private centers.

So far no state has announced to start the process of vaccination for people between 18 and 45 years. Various states have announced to give the vaccine free, but they are not able to say how many vaccination centers have been set up in the state and how many vaccines will be available there.