Omb Peezy’s Leaked Video Leaves Twitter Scandalized

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VIDEO: Omb Peezy’s Leaked Video Leaves Twitter Scandalized: Recently a video of LeParis Dade’s had gone viral on social media and many fans of musical artists are in shock after viewing the video. Though the rapper has accepted the mistake and now deleted the post still, the name is drawing the headlines of the newspapers. The readers must be the desire to know about the incident so do not worry because here we will let you know about the entire update on the latest viral video on social media and about its Twitter reaction. Follow More Update On

Omb Peezy’s Leaked Video

The American rapper LeParis Dade who is professionally known as OMB Peezy is being in the headlines after a close clip of him had gone viral on his social media on 21st November 2021, where some of the Facebook followers of Peezy were left shocked after the rapper uploaded his private video. Though he later claimed that it was just a mistake and as the rapper is popular throughout the country so the clip did not take so long for the video to go viral and since then, many admirers have been reacting to the incident. This was not the first incident when an artist did this plenty of others have done the same prior to and some of the people are saying that it is an act of publicity stunt whereas some are saying that it was a fault.

Who Is Omb Peezy?

According to the reports, it has watched that Peezy has a big fan base on social media with more than 394k followers on the platform and when the video of his private moment was dropped on the account it spread like a fire in the forest and as he is a big star so doubtless the video deserved the viral. As soon as the video clip surfaced online some of the admirers began to react in the meantime, some of the others took the intimate video and uploaded it on Twitter.

Though the video was removed but still, it is yet to disclose that how the video was posted to the timeline of the rapper. So far, the rapper has not come upon this and commented anything but the search is still going on. Post blunder Omb Peezy took his Instagram to handle where he vocal about the incident where he wrote, “My bad you all had to watch that.”

He further added, “My new name “Mr. Smooth” doe.” When the users asked him about the clip so he then stated that “I just woke up and you are all on the still bullish** all make a ni***a feel good does.”

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