Petrol Diesel Price: New prices for petrol and diesel are released, before filling the tank

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Price of Petrol and Diesel on 3 May: Despite growing inflation, there is some good news for the people. For the 27th day in a row, the price of gasoline and diesel has remained unchanged. The government oil firms issued the pricing for gasoline and diesel on May 3. Let us inform you that the price of gasoline and diesel was increased by 80 paise on April 6th.

Since March 22, rates have risen 14 times.

Actually, after 14 price increases, the increase in the price of gasoline and diesel that began on March 22nd has come to an end. In the previous 14 price rises, petrol and diesel have increased by Rs 10.

After a record 137 days of price stability, gasoline and diesel prices were raised on March 22. Petrol and diesel prices have not increased in a long time prior to this. There was no increase in the pricing of both fuels from November 4 last year to March 21 this year.

Today Petrol-Diesel is being sold for this much rupees (Petrol-Diesel Price on 3 May) Delhi Petrol Rs 105.41 and Diesel Rs 96.67 per liter Mumbai Petrol Rs 120.51 and Diesel Rs 104.77 per liter – Chennai petrol Rs 110.85 and diesel Rs 100.94 per liter Kolkata Petrol Rs 115.12 and Diesel Rs 99.83 per liter – Petrol in Noida Rs 105.47 and diesel Rs 97.03 per liter – Petrol in Lucknow Rs 105.25 and diesel Rs 96.83 per liter – Petrol in Port Blair Rs 91.45 and Diesel Rs 85.83 per liter – Petrol in Patna Rs 116.23 and diesel Rs 101.06 per liter

What caused the price to rise? When it comes to the major cause of the increase in oil prices, the price of oil has increased after a four-month break. One of the key reasons for this is that crude oil prices have risen. Brent crude oil, for example, has surged by 45 percent. Earlier.

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