Ranveer Singh’s Energetic Dance On “Jab Tu Lagavelu Lipastic”

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The Big Picture 20th November 2021 full episode written update: Ranveer Singh’s Energetic Dance On “Jab Tu Lagavelu Lipastic”: The Big Picture is a most entertaining show this is going great and the audience is just waiting for its latest episode. As it is consists of lots of fun and the host of the show Ranbir Singh is creating the hype among the audience due to his appearance on the stage. While on the other side, fans are crazy to watch each and every episode of the show. The concept of the show is based on the most engaging theme in which we will going to see that Ranbir Singh is going to be set the fire with his hilarious sequences on the show.

So as we all know that yesterday Salman Khan graced the show by coming on the stage. Even today the celebration will continue with Salman Khan! Where the episode starts with Salman Khan recognizing the picture of Biryani and he tells that it is Biryani but I don’t see any Biryani in this picture after which Salman Khan tells about his special dish which He makes himself whose name is Mixture! After which, while narrating the story of this mixture, he tells about his struggle.

Along with this, he tells that when he started working in the beginning, then he only heard one thing that the light is coming, the light is going because he Used to do three shifts. But not only this, the biggest thing he tells us is that he struggled a lot and worked 24 hours a day, that too for 23 to 24 years! Meanwhile, when Salman Khan used to lie down at home, he used to mix all the food that was left in the fridge and make a mixture and he used to eat it.

Now coming back to the show Big Picture and Ranveer Singh asks Aayush what do you see in this picture where Aayush replies saying that I cannot eat which everyone starts laughing after that Salman Khan solves the picture. Let me tell you that first I am seeing rice here, then mutton is seen. We also get to see a little fun which will make you crazy and you will be amazed to see the episode. It is going to be very interesting, so get ready to watch this upcoming episode.

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