RRR Review: Leela of ‘Ram’ in RRR, whistles rang in Rajamouli’s story

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In India, films have been created on mythology and historical events, but only SS Rajamouli’s films display the art of generating enchantment on the screen by combining legendary stories with historical events. RRR, a film, is also a nod to this enchantment. In Bahubali, Rajamouli shows glimpses of the Mahabharata. In his latest film RRR, in which he tells the narrative of the British era, he includes a scene from the Ramayana.

Ram (Ramcharan) is a British government police officer during the time period depicted in the narrative. Although Ram is here for a reason, his role is to apprehend and punish the revolutionaries. Komara Bheem (NTR Jr), on the other hand, is from a forest village that travels to Delhi to save a girl from his tribal clan from the British. Ram and Bhima are buddies in this scene, but afterward, they both stand in front of each other. The story’s conclusion is placed in the Ramayana tale, in which Ram, Sita, and Hanuman demolish British-controlled Lanka.

When it comes to the directing, Rajamouli has once again proven that he knows how to win people’s hearts. You will be obliged to clap at numerous sequences of this film, which was made on a colossal budget of 550 crores. The presence of Ramcharan and Jr NTR, in particular, raises questions. You won’t be able to make sense of Ram fighting the entire audience. Scenes like Bhima’s attack with wild animals in the British home and Ram and Bhima’s symbolic battle with fire and water would have to be replayed. Here, Ajay Devgan has taken on the role of Ram’s father, who was assassinated by Ram himself; you’ll have to go to the theater to find out why. Rajamouli is well-known for his amazing cinematography.

The film has captivated the audience in the first half, and A Sreekar Prasad’s tight editing ensures that even at the intermission, one does not feel compelled to leave. The second half, on the other hand, is a little disjointed. The arrival of Ramcharan in the form of Ram and his retention of that avatar till the end is incomprehensible. Alia Bhatt, who played Sita in the film, didn’t have much to do with the character. Yes, the whistle will undoubtedly sound when Ajay Devgan enters.

Fans of Ramcharan and NTR will like this flick. Both of them have given each other a great deal of competition throughout the picture. The jugalbandi of both South Superstars with Power-packed Action and Full-to-Emotion will delight cinemagoers. Despite having less screen time, Ajay Devgan makes an impression. Scott Ray Stevenson and his wife Lady Scott, Alishan Doody, have lived their bad character so thoroughly as the British rulers that you begin to despise them. Alia Bhatt didn’t have anything fresh to do in the movie. It wouldn’t have made much of a difference if there hadn’t been anyone else. Shreya Sharan, Chhatrapati Shekhar, and Makarand Deshpande, who played Ajay Devgan’s wife Sarojini, did an excellent job in their roles.

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