Sharing Netflix Account? You May Need To Pay Extra Money 2022

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Netflix has grown prohibitively costly, so it’s hardly surprising that many subscribers share their accounts with others. According to some estimates, 15% of Netflix subscribers use a friend’s login to get the latest movies, TV series, and documentaries. The corporation has lately taken moves to crack down on accounts shared outside of a single home, and it appears that this privilege is about to expire.

Netflix’s new features 

Netflix is now testing new features in Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica, and it appears that these capabilities will eventually become the official method to share your Netflix account with friends and family. “Join an Extra Member” is a function that allows you to add up to two more Netflix accounts to your current account and calculates lower monthly pricing.

Each account has its own login, password, and suggestions, unlike regular profiles. Depending on the area, the price increase might vary from $2 to $3 per account. The second feature allows you to move information from a profile to a complete account of one of the company’s new sub-accounts. Customers may now upgrade to an independent paid profile without losing access to their recommendations.

Both of these new capabilities will make it easier for people to switch to a pay-as-you-go account. This step is most likely in advance of a more stringent crackdown on shared logins and passwords.

A popup appeared after logging in for certain users around a year ago, informing them that they needed to reside with the account owner in order to utilize the service. These new region-locked capabilities are unlikely to make a significant impact in the current situation; instead, they might be the first step toward significantly restricting access to the streaming service’s content via shared logins in the coming months.

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