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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st June 2021 Written Update



Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 21st June 2021 Written Update

The episode starts with Mahi getting happy. She watches Jogi’s video and hears the song. She tries to wake Jogi up and gets romantic. She hugs him but Jogi doesn’t get up and again sleeps. Mahi gets irritated and says Jogi loves his sleep more than his wife. She leaves after getting tired.

Rupa gets ready to supply the milk. Mahi sees her. Rupa apologises to her for badmouthing her yesterday. Mahi says a mother should not apologise to their children like that. Mahi says Rupa doesnt need to go anywhere but she will make Jogi’s favorite dish today as today is something special.

Mahi again tells Jogi to wake up. But he says I got tired after extracting the milk. Mahi allows him to sleep as there’s something big waiting for him for which he will have to work hard. Akash shows Jogi’s video to Seema and says soon Jogi will become rich because of his talent. People are liking his voice. Seema gets happy and says Jogi will reach heights as he is hard working and Mahi will start living in a bungalow. Renu and Shalu overhear that. Renu instigates Shalu against Seema. Shalu taunts Seema saying how can she change her sides so quickly. She is living in Pappu’s house and praising Mahi. Shalu talks ill about Mahi and says she should always live a poor lifestyle. She doesn’t deserve to be rich. Akash shuts Shalu up and says Mahi is Shalu’s sister, how can she think so bad about Mahi? Mahi participated in the competition to help her family only. Akash says Jogi is talented and his video is getting viral so fast, soon he will get all the things he wants. Shalu gets jealous and leaves.

Mahi and Rupa return home after supplying the milk. Jogi prepares breakfast for them. Biji joins them. Mahi feeds Jogi and says he is truly a magician, the way he handles every work. She says she has a plan by which he will become rich and famous. Biji gets confused and thinks Mahi is joking. Jogi asks Mahi about her plan. Mahi says he will get enough money to live a lavish lifestyle. Jogi says we are already stable enough and we are happy too. Mahi says we need more to fulfill our dreams. Jogi doesnt pay attention. Mahi shows his viral video to everyone which is getting many likes. Mahi thanks Matarani and says Jogi is diamond and this is the only way to get happiness now. Jogi will win everyone’s heart. Mahi tells Jogi to get ready as she wants to make a new video and will upload it. Jogi throws the plates and leaves from there angrily. Mahi gets shocked.

Chanda checks Jogi’s video and the comments he is getting. It got more than 6 lakh views. Pappu says everyone will forget Jogi after a new video gets viral. His fame is temporary. Shalu gives an idea saying they can remove the video. Pappu scolds her and blames her for whatever is happening. Later he thinks Shalu’s idea is not bad. Renu says Jogi’s video can’t be removed as people shared it on many platforms. Chanda says Jogi is getting work offers too. Pappu says matarani doesn’t like me at all.

Mahi tries to convince Jogi but he argues with her. Jogi says she knows his weakness that he can’t sing randomly, especially when money or greed are attached to it. Jogi says Mahi is sounding like Pappu and her greedy family who run after money only. She could have married a rich guy who can buy happiness with money. Mahi gets shocked and tries to explain to Jogi her point.

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