The reporter asked Mahira Sharma such a question in front of everyone

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New Delhi: Mahira Sharma, a former competitor on the TV reality program Bigg Boss 13, is enraged by a reporter’s inquiry. Not only that, but she stormed off without responding to the reporter’s inquiry. In fact, Mahira Sharma’s weight appears to have climbed somewhat in recent days compared to before. In such a case, the actress’s admirers have discussed her motives several times.

She became enraged and departed without responding when a Punjabi reporter inquired about Mahira Sharma’s growing weight. The footage of Mahira Sharma’s event is getting more popular on social media.

‘People don’t allow stars to live in any manner, sometimes people say they have gotten too skinny, sometimes people say they have grown too fat,’ the reporter adds in Punjabi before interrogating him in the viral video. ‘The same thing is happening to them, and Mahira is with me…’ When the reporter was ready to ask Mahira a question, she became enraged and stormed off. I didn’t like this question, Mahira remarked furiously. These aren’t the right questions.’ After that, the small-screen actress storms out, enraged. Mahira Sharma’s video is now trending on social media. Fans of the actress and people on social media are leaving comments on her video.

Many individuals are trolling him at the same time. Mahira Sharma’s next project is the Punjabi film The Redua Returns, in which she will star in. The film is a sequel to Raidua, which was released in 2018. It is a science fiction film with a time travel plot. The film starts at the end of the year 2255 when he travels into the future and discovers how humans have ruined planet Earth.

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