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Thirumathi Hitler 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update



Thirumathi Hitler 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Hasini is chanting the mantra while closing her eyes. Jaya starts to react to it. After she finishes the mantra Jaya gets conscious and wakes up. AJ feels happy to see her perfectly fine. Hasini comes there. Jaya questions AJ why is he here? Doesn’t he go to the office why is he here at this time? He questions her how is her chest pain now? Jaya tells him that she got fainted after that she doesn’t remember anything. Archana says to her she got a cardiac attack.

AJ tells her that Hasini saved her with her mantra. Jaya says to her she knew well that she will save her. Jaya wishes to drink the coffee. Hasini leaves to prepare it she thinks that she loses three mantras. What will she do to open the locker? How will she stay here after AJ asked her to leave this house? He will questions her doesn’t she has the shame to stay here? She wishes to leave from there.

Doctor says to Jaya she can’t able to believe that she was perfectly fine. She asks her to take rest and leaves. Hasini gives the coffee to Jaya and says to her that she is leaving from this house. Akhila questions her doesn’t she ask her to stay here for two days? Is she forget the purpose of entering into this house? Hasini tells her she understood that god made her stay here to save Jaya life. What will she do then here? Let her leave from this house.

AJ stops her and says she pretended like blind so he got angry on her and stopped her from entering into the house. He got to know everything what ever happened here. He allowed her inside because of his mom yesterday but today she saved his mom life so she can stay here he has no problem with it. Jaya feels and asks her to go inside. Akhila questions her doesn’t she used all mantras for good purpose? Hasini gets blessing from her. Akhila says to her that all humans are going behind money but only family will give peace to them at last.

Family might be understand each other and give up too. Akhila advises to her and tells her she can’t able to leave from this house. Akhila says to her that her work is over here so she is leaving. She teases her and leaves from there. Chithra cries after she left and shares their fear to Jaya. Doctor asks the Journalist to take Prevalika photo and publish it in newspaper reasoning she is in coma for last two years still no one came to search for her. She adds that she believes someone will come to search for her after seeing the advertisement.

Hasini is packing her bag. AJ questions her why is she trying to leave after he forgave her? Hasini says to him that he is changing his words often so she can’t able to believe him. AJ asks her to explain him. Hasini tells him that he asked her to stay here now what if he ask her to leave in morning so it’s better to pack her bag. AJ asks her to stop creating a scene he can’t able to beg her to stop her from leaving. He has no habit to change his words too reasoning Hasini the one married him after cheated him. She threatened him but she complaining him now. Hasini shows the letter to him.

AJ says to her he didn’t write this letter. Hasini is not ready to believe him at all. AJ says that she may write it by herself to get sympathy from Jaya. Hasini denies it reasoning she doesn’t need it. AJ mentions her as spoon brain. He says to her if he wanna say anything to her he would have to say it straightly what’s the need to write a letter? More than that it’s not his handwriting too. She realizes it now. AJ goes inside the restroom. Hasini thinks that three idiots did it and wishes to teach a lesson to them. She locks AJ inside the bathroom and starts to dance there. Maya is staring horror movie alone. She scared of seeing the scene in it and fears seeing a ghost in front of her.

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