Traveling in Haryana can now be expensive, due to this the fare of buses will increase?

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Bus travel in Haryana may soon become prohibitively pricey. If the price of diesel continues to rise, Haryana Roadway bus fares may be raised as well. Haryana Indeed, the rise in diesel costs has begun to damage Haryana’s highways. The cost of a kilometer of road has risen to 35 rupees 88 paise.

The increase in diesel costs has resulted in a Rs 3 per kilometer increase in the road loss. If the price of diesel is not stable, then the journey of roadways buses can become costly. Moolchand Sharma, the Transport Minister, has stated as much. This year, the cost of repairing roads has reached Rs 752 crore.

Haryana Roadways’ loss per kilometer increased to Rs 35 88 paise

Buses cost Rs 68 43 paise per kilometer, whereas buses earn Rs 32 and 44 paise per kilometer, respectively. The reason for the rising losses is not just because of the corona virus, but also because of the rising diesel prices.

In such a case, the Transport Minister stated that the charge has not yet been raised, but that if the price of fuel continues to rise at this rate, the fare may be raised.

Buses operating under the kilometer program, on the other hand, earn Rs 35 per kilometer. As a result, in light of this circumstance, the administration is working quickly to add 1,000 extra buses to the kilometer program.

Currently, 562 buses are operating under the kilometer program, which will be raised to 1562 in the near future. Tenders for kilometer buses will be released soon. At the same time, Haryana Skill Employment Development Corporation would fill the dearth of staff in the roads fleet.

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