What is ICT, purpose, importance, complete information in 2022

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Today in this article we will tell you what is ICT? the use of Information and Communication Technology, what is the full name of ICT, what is the role of ICT in the field of education, what is the purpose of ICT? Complete information about all these will be told in Hindi. In the present time, everything has become digital. 

Information and communication technology has developed a lot with the advent of the Internet. If you do not have much knowledge about Information and Communication Technology then you will get all the information here. So let’s start and know all the information related to what is Information and Communication Technology.

What is ICT

Information and communication technology (ICT) is the Internet, computing, data management, and telecommunications providers that we can connect to by mobile, computer, or any other device in the world. ICT is such a broad term that we can get many different types of services. In the present era, all the technologies are related to some kind of information transmission and technology. 

The use of ICT permeates all aspects of our lives. Information and communication technology (ICT) is the only way we can communicate on broadcast media, intelligent building management systems, video calling, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Today the scope of ICT is much wider and it provides better and faster ways to build networks, access information, and learn.

ICT full form

In the Internet world, the full form of “ICT” is “Information and Communication Technology”. It is called Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Hindi.

What is the role of ICT in the field of education? – What is the role of ICT in the field of education?

The main role of ICT in the field of education is to educate children. In today’s time “Information and Communication Technology” “ICT” is being used in many countries, in education, teaching methods, learning approaches, scientific research, and access to information. Giving online education has become possible.

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