What is Poparazzi app? how to download Poparazzi app?

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Are you also searching for what is Poparazzi on the Internet, do you also want to know what is this Poparazzi, and why is it becoming so much more famous, why people are searching so much about it. So today you are going to get all the information about Poparazzi here.

Today we are going to tell you about a new social media platform Poparazzi, what is Poparazzi, how does this Anti-Selfie App work and what features it gives, know everything about it today.

What is Poparazzi?

On Paparazzi App you can post photos of your friends, family members or anyone. The name of the app also seems to be inspired by paparazzi (photographers who follow celebrities). You don’t get filters, follower count, captions and the facility to post pictures taken with the front camera on this app. This app allows users to post photos of others only.

There is no room for any selfie on this app. On this app, you are your friend’s “paparazzi” and they are yours. So, just like celebrities have their own paparazzi who follow and take pictures of them, You Friends can now do that for you and post your unfiltered photos to the app.

There are many social media platforms in the world like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, on which users share their photos. In such a situation, Poparazzi is attracting people towards itself due to being an ‘Anti-Selfie App’.

How does the Poparazzi work?

On the lines of Instagram’s ‘posts and ‘tagged section’, the Poparazzi app has also divided photos into two sections. One section contains photos posted by users, while the other section contains photos of users posted by someone else. That is, you can put pictures of others on your profile and other people can post your picture. You can also tag the person with the picture.

You can create your profile but once a profile is created, it is your friends who define it. So, your profile will be based on the pictures that your friends have taken of you and tagged you on the platform.

Where on Instagram you know through followers how popular a person is. Your popularity on this app can be gauged from how many pictures of you posted by other people.

The company said, ‘We created the Poparazzi app to reduce the pressure on people to be perfect.’ Please note that currently, this app is only available for Apple users. It will be brought soon on Android.

The most important thing is that the clicked photo cannot be edited, no filters can be used on it, nor can it be cropped. The user has to post the original photo only. Profiles work on a ‘pop score’, which tells you how many people have taken your photo. Followers, counts and captions are also not allowed on the account.

How to Download Poparazzi

This is only for Apple users right now. The company is currently working on its Android version. Since its launch on Monday, more than 100,000 photos have been shared on Poparazzi. Download  Poparazzi from the App Store.


So friends, today you learned in Singh’s article what is Poparazzi? And how can you download it. We have told you a lot about this app today. And when we know more about it, we will add to it.

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