Who Is Adele’s Boyfriend, Rich Paul? Age, Instagram, Net Worth, and more!

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Who Is Adele’s Boyfriend, Rich Paul? Age, Instagram, Net Worth, and more!: America’s most popular singer has revealed about her new boyfriend her fans are so excited to know more about him. And they are even taking over social media and also searching for things about him on the web so you are on the right platform. We will be going to update you all about her new date. So without further ado, let’s get into an article. Adele’s new boyfriend news is creating a buzz over social media. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who Is Adele’s Boyfriend, Rich Paul?

She is a most profound singer and also use to be known for her smile. But she was on six years of hiatus from her musical career. And now she is returned back with the most exciting news that she is dating Rich Paul. So he tel in a magazine that “she met Paul while she was divorcing her Ex husband.” She said that “You can not set me on a blind date and that time o was like how it will all going to work.”

So they were used to meeting each other at the birthday party of their comment friends. And this was the time when she lost her father just a month ago. She lost her father as he was suffering from cancer. Adeel also makes Paul meet her child Angelo. She was given an interview in which she revealed that “she isn’t going to treat a love like a game as she believes in it and relationship is so important for her.”

Rich is an agent of NBA basketball and was born in Cleveland. Adeel also tell about hi that “He is so hilarious and use to keep me happy every time. He has a good sense of humor. He is smart enough to tackle his problems and even mine too. He is so easy-going man and his mindset is good enough to understand the things.’ And while she was telling this to the interviewer she was blushing at the moment. She also says that “this is the very first time of her when she use to feel happy from the bottom of her heart and also to  feel loved fro myself and even loved by someone else.”

Their fans are now congratulating her and giving her wishes for a forever relation. Both of them are seen whether once and there is a huge smile on her face. To grab more world news stay tuned to us.

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