Who Is Aiesha Shah? Cake Merchant Husband and Wife Arrested For Slavery and Human Trafficking

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Who Is Aiesha Shah? Cake Merchant Husband and Wife Arrested For Slavery and Human Trafficking: We are here with the most shocking and terrible crime which was dined by Aiesha who was a Sydney Patisserie chain, cake merchant. She wasn’t alone in this, her husband was also helping her out in the crime. So both of them were indulge in the crime. They are alleged for slavery offenses and several human trafficking. And now people are getting so impatient to know how this all took place by them. In the article below we will be going to update you about their actions for the crime. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who Is Aiesha Shah?

They were caught when the workers of Fair Ombudsman has been reported against them for treating them badly. And after this, they got stuck in this and then the police started their investigation which brings out their truth and it is so shocking. So the victims were also faced a lot from the couple. They were not even getting paid for their job, other than this they were also used to beating them up. Even the worker was also dependent on the couple for their food. And sometimes they don’t even get a portion of food from them. They were facing a torcher from them.

Let’s know more about Aiesha Shah Cake Merchant:-

Aiesha Shah Cake Merchant is a businesswoman, which she is doing with her husband and the family is living in the big house which is of scene bedroom Denham Court which is in Sydney. The search warrant against them and their house were passed by the authorities after they were alleged for their rude behavior with the employees.

Cake Merchant Aiesha Shah Arrested with Husband 

Aiesha is 48 years old and her husband is 59 years old.

The couple was revealed with their real face and shocking crimes when their employees registered an FIR against them and authorities release the arrest and search warrant against them.

Jermy is the investigator of this case and he said that the couples were treating their employees badly they don’t even offer them proper food and salary. They even seized the passport of their employees, did not pay them, and isolated them.

Now authorities arrested them and seized all the essential documents. They are under custody and the deep investigation is still on the way and they soon will be inside a jail. They are called for a hearing on 14 December 2021. Stay tuned to us to grab the details on the same.

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