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Pradeep Mehra, a 19-year-old who became an Internet celebrity after a video of him jogging 10 kilometers from work to home went viral, says the love and acclaim he has received have strengthened his resolve to pursue his ambition of joining the Army.

After filmmaker Vinod Kapri uploaded his video on Twitter, Mehra’s inspiring narrative of dedication and hard work has gone viral.

“My video got viral after it was created by someone else. The video received a lot of positive feedback. This has motivated me, and it has also motivated others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, “ANI quoted Mehra as saying.

The video became a social media sensation, with over one crore views. While retweeting this video, the Mumbai Indians made a comment. Pradeep, you have captured our hearts, wrote the Mumbai Indians. Paltan should be the video you’re watching right now. Before the Mumbai Indians, several other celebrities, like former cricketer Kevin Pietersen and Harbhajan Singh, remarked on Pradeep Mehra’s video. What a boy, Kevin Pietersen stated that this video can make your Monday morning better. Pradeep Mehra has been active on social media since the video became viral, and his many videos and photos are continually being shared. Many well-known celebrities have praised him. Equally, if we talk about Mumbai Indians, then everyone’s eyes are now on the IPL starting from 26 March.

Pradeep Mehra Viral Video

Pradeep, who is 19 years old, stays with his brother while his mother is in the hospital. The youngster makes food for himself and his sibling after sprinting all the way home. When Kapri invites him to supper at his place, Pradeep declines, claiming that his brother will be left hungry in that event. When Kapri inquires as to why his brother is unable to cook, he responds that he is working the night shift. Pradeep, according to the filmmaker, will become a viral sensation. The youngster claims that no one would recognize him, but that he doesn’t worry because he isn’t doing anything illegal.

Pradeep Mehra Running Video

Pradeep, who worked at a McDonald’s store in Noida Sector 16 for three years, recalls racing home every night. I’m confident he’ll keep running 10 kilometers – “Sola se Barola” (from Sector 16 to Barola).

He can’t run during the day since he doesn’t have enough time, so he runs at night. While running, Kapri films Pradeep from his vehicle. “For the Army,” Pradeep says when asked why he runs. He claims to be from Uttarakhand’s Almora.

Kapri says he’ll drop him off at his place and that if he wants, he may go running in the morning. Pradeep, on the other hand, refused to accompany him. He adds that before going to work at 8 a.m., he must prepare food.

Pradeep Mehra offers he got

Pradeep claimed that he and his brother reside in Noida’s Barola hamlet and that his mother is now in the hospital. Pradeep, who is from Uttarakhand’s Almora, also stated that he would cook once he went home because his brother works night shifts.

Pradeep Mehra has taught many people that if you are devoted and patient, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. “Pradhdeep Mehra, you are pure gold, a future warrior who will make India proud,” one Twitter user said. After seeing the video, retired Lt. Gen. Satish Dua (Retd.) retweeted it and promised to help Pradeep.

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