Who was D3xdbxrb13 Aka Alyssa and what was her cause of death? Tiktok Star found dead

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Who was D3xdbxrb13 Aka Alyssa and what was her cause of death? Tiktok Star found dead: The death hoax is a new trend on the Internet. One after another netizens encounters many death hoaxes of popular faces. One such death news of popular TikTok star d3xdbxrb13 is trending all over the Internet. The most searched question on Google is “Is Tiktok Star Alyssa Dead?” Let’s find out the answer to this question. d3xdbxrb13 was an American TikTok user. She has recently become viral on TikTok after the netizens get to know about her sudden demise. The users of TikTok are quite intrigued to know the cause behind her sudden demise as she was quite a young and budding TikTok star. Her TikTok videos went viral on the platform at present, prompting many “Rest In Peace” messages from throughout the world. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

D3xdbxrb13 Aka Alyssa Death Cause

D3xdbxrb13 whose actual name is Alyssa is assured to be demised as per the sources. The young TikTok user is noted to have died due to a drug overdose. Further reports stated that she was in a family event when she opted to do so. Later on, she was found dead in the bathroom. She was suffering from mental and emotional trauma from her split with her boyfriend, James.

D3xdbxrb13 Aka Alyssa

This eventually directs the young woman to be depressed and take drugs that takes her life. However, her family has not talked publically, citing the reasons behind her sudden demised, they have put a GoFundMe page for his funeral rites. Alyssa has died on Monday, 1st November 2021, the day she had uploaded a series of POV videos on TikTok. It was until many days later that her demise hit social media platforms, and her videos have bombarded TikTok’s For Your Page.

Who was D3xdbxrb13 Aka Alyssa? TikTok Star, Age, Instagram

The age of d3xdbxrb13 was just 18 years old at the time of her demise. She has mentioned her age in her TikTok bio. The young Alyssa’s entire name is Alyssa Leeson. She attended the Youngker High School which is in Buckeye, Arizona, and also worked as a part-timer in a shop. Alyssa had been in a relationship with James alias, Lil James, for a year. Lil James is an aspiring rap and hip-hop artist.

James has been explained as emotionally abusive by many users of TikTok and has also blamed him for inciting suicidal thoughts of Alyssa. In the meantime, James has shared the side of his story through his TikTok account. He has disclosed that he loved her very much and hoped to get married to her. It was 3 days late when he came to know about the death of Alyssa and stated that the Leeson family did not even inform him of the incident.

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