Who was Jane Kulich? Citizens Bank employee, 52, victim in Waukesha tragedy

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Who was Jane Kulich? Citizens Bank employee, 52, victim in Waukesha tragedy: As per the officials, a beloved holiday tradition was turned into a deadly scene, lethal mayhem late Sunday afternoon when an SUV red-color car crashed into the Waukesha Christmas Parade, assassinating 5 people and injuring more than 40 people. A chilling video surfaced online which showcase the red SUV speeding along the parade path and pulling left behind the Waukesha South High School Black Shirt Band. The fatality caused by the SUV exceeds over 80 victims. Unfortunately, Jan Kulich was one of the victims who lost her life in this lethal incident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who Was Jane Kulich? 

Jane Kulich was an employee of Citizen Bank, was strolling with a parade float when she has died. A 52-year-old, Jane Kulich was also among those who were killed. Her daughter represented Citizens bank in the ceremonial procession when she was hit with the car and passed away. As per the description on the GoFundMe page created by the family of Jane in order to get help with funeral expenses.

Jane was a kind, adorable, and charming mother, grandmother, and companion to so many. Almost $700 of the $2,000 target has been lifted. The daughter of Jane Kulich, Taylor Smith also paid homage to her mother on social media.

Information About Victims Of Waukesha Christmas Parade

4 out of the 5 people passed away when a red SUV raced through a crowd of people who were taking part in the annual Christmas parade of Waukesha were the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies. As per Waukesha police, a motor vehicle identified as Darrell Brooks, (39-years-old) burst over a barricade and crashed into parade attended, including high school band members and local dance organizations.

Jane Kulich Jane Kulich

Tamara Durand (52-years-old), Virginia Sorenson (79-years-old), Jane Kulich (52-years-old), Wilhelm Gospel (81-years-old), and LeAnna Owen (71-years-old) were assassinated. Milwaukee Dancing Grannies, a local organization, known for marching in area parades, alleged that its members were among that kill but did not reveal how many passed away or release any names. As per the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee, one of its priests and other followers, Waukesha Catholic schoolchildren, was hurt.

Children’s Wisconsin Hospital in Milwaukee stated that 18 children were transported to its emergency department because of the event early Monday. As per the hospital officials, 6 people are in critical condition, 3 are in serious disease and one is in fair health.

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