Who Was Sean Hughes And What Was His Cause Of Death? Lower Merion Principal Sean Hughes Died In Car Accident Philadelphia

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Who Was Sean Hughes And What Was His Cause Of Death? Lower Merion Principal Sean Hughes Died In Car Accident Philadelphia: It seems like the Lower Merion High School Community which is mourning the loss of its long time principal, he has died in a car accident on Saturday morning, Lower Merion High School officials have stated in a statement that Sean Hughes, has been the principal for about 14 years. He was driving with his son for a soccer game when the incident occurred, it has been stated by District superintendent Khalid Mumin, it has been stated that he has always been loved by thousands of students and this is going to be devastating for the school, he was a great leader. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Who was Sean Hughes?

He had a very cool relationship with all of the students, everyone used to call him with his signature name in the corridors of the school, he was greeted by students in the halls with the nickname “Huuuuuuuuughes”, this has been stated by Mumin, as a result of his passing, all 10 Lower Merion schools which is going to be closed on Monday.

Sean Hughes Death Cause

The reason for his death hasn’t been stated as of this point in time, it is our advice to the audiences, not to disturb the family of the deceased in these difficult times, it is better to leave them alone and give to time to settle a bit, it seems like they are in total shock, it has not been stated if his son has received any kind of injuries or not. It seems like the investigations are going and police are on their toes in order to understand the whole scenario, they are talking to all the witnesses who saw the accident and they are also trying to find a dashcam video from the people who were traveling on road at the time.

Lower Merion Principal Sean Hughes Car Accident Death Video

There are a lot of informative points which have not been stated as of yet, it has not been stated if there was any other car involved in the accident, it has not been stated if the case involves drink and drive, we will be updated in the coming days and weeks and we will be updating you as soon as something comes under our radar, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased.

These days we are going to see that accidents are taking place and the data of the car accidents deaths are increasing which must need to stop. The authorities must take it seriously as this is a matter of concern which must need a solution. So this time we are here with a note terrible and tragic death of the Principal of Lower Merion High School. Students and the faculty of the school are mourning his loss. They all are in huge grief as they are in he is a huge loss for them.

Sean Hughes Accident Philadelphia

So he was on the way to drop his son at the Soccer game. His son Nolan with him in the same car but luckily the boy is safe and he didn’t meet to serious life injuries of him. But Hughes lost his life in the horrible car accident. Hughes was serving as a principal in the same school for the last 14 years and this school was under his blessings. The entire staff of the school is mourning his loss. He always use to lets the concerns of faculty and even of the students too. The faculty also claims that he always gives them time to listen to them and sort their concerns related to the school and even od their personal lives.

He was so loved by the students and they use to leave flowers and notes outside the office window. This shows that hoe difficult it is for the kids to accept that the principal of their school is no more. The senior faculty of the school said, “we are so tensed and disheartened to lose him. But he was a man with positive vibes and still appreciates and motivates us to give our best at time of the pandemic.”

People are taking to the social media platform to pay their tribute to him. Even the parents of the kids are also doing the same.

A tweet from parent Bill Hillman, “it is saddened to hear the sudden loss of Mr. Hughes. He was a nice personality and the way he put his things in front of anyone is appreciable. He was a calm and patient personality.”

Whares the further investigation of the accident is on the way. So how does this accident occur? Whether it was accidental or intentional? So the answers to all the related questions will be going to be unveiled once we will receive the reports so follow us.

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