Youths who came on the pretext of buying jewellery looted the shop

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New Delhi: Two people have been detained after a gunman opened fire in a jewelry store in the Bilaspur region of Chhattisgarh. While one of the defendants is on the run. The suspects entered the bullion business on Thursday with the goal of looting.

Three bullion traders were shot in the Bilaspur area of Chhattisgarh. When the shopkeeper objected, one of the youngsters who had come to the shop under the guise of buying jewelry began thieving. The police acted quickly in this case, arresting two of the suspects and allowing one to flee.

The suspects fired fire on the shopkeeper before fleeing. Following that, there was a chaotic environment. Three thieves entered Deepak Jewelers in the Gondpara district of Bilaspur on Thursday afternoon, shooting and injuring the shop’s operator Deepak Soni, according to police authorities. One thief was apprehended with the aid of the public, while the second robber was apprehended at the railway station. The third defendant has eluded capture.

At about 2.30 p.m. today, three masked teenagers on a motorbike approached Deepak Jewelers in Gondpara, under City Kotwali police station, and began robbing the business with kattas and knives, according to Bilaspur district senior superintendent of police Parul Mathur. When shopkeeper Deepak Soni objected, a thief shot him, seriously wounding him. Deepak takes a bullet to the leg. The three criminals began fleeing from the scene as they saw people approaching, according to SSP Mathur. One of the defendants was apprehended. The police arrived on the scene after receiving information about the event and apprehended the accused kid.

When the apprehended suspect was interviewed by the police, he told them about his partner, he said. A second juvenile was later apprehended at the railway station by the police. He had boarded the train in order to flee. The accused youngsters are from the Sundergarh district of Orissa, according to the police official. He arrived at the business 15 minutes before the robbery. As a buyer, he noticed some jewelry and returned it.

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